Back in Stock! Experience European Coffee Culture with "MUNE Coffee from Shin Kyoto" in your hand!

再入荷!「MUNE Coffee from Shin Kyoto」を片手に、北欧のコーヒー文化を体験しよう

This article is only for Japan.

Why not experience European coffee culture with Atmoph Window 2? In fact, northern Europe is the world's largest coffee consumer. In Sweden, there is a custom called "fika," where people enjoy communicating with family, friends, and colleagues over a cup of coffee several times a day.

How about enjoying the authentic atmosphere of Stockholm with a cup of coffee in one hand and the view of Stockholm from your Atmoph Window 2? In addition, to commemorate October 1, "International Coffee Day," we are giving away a limited number of traditional Scandinavian wooden mugs called "Guksi" to one person who purchases "MUNE Coffee from Shin Kyoto" this month! This mug fits gently in your hand and allows you to enjoy the full flavor of deep-roasted coffee. Here is our Adventure Blog about how to enjoy outdoor fika! 

About the "Guksi" Giveaway

One person who purchases "MUNE Coffee from Shin Kyoto" will receive a free "Guksi".

Product Name: MUNE Coffee from Shin Kyoto
Release Date: First of every month (limited quantity)
Price: ¥1,180 (Shipping and tax included, ship within Japan only)
Ingredients: Coffee beans (using 100% African Premium Coffee)
Purchasing Site:

As the mornings and evenings get a little chilly, why not take a break with a cup of warm coffee?