Eco-Friendly Virtual Window: Bringing the World Closer


Every year April 22nd is Earth Day. Our philosophy is “Make the every day an adventure." Through Atmoph Window, we bring over 1,700 Views to you, from vast natural wonders and world heritage sites to even 3DCG virtual cities.

Since we deeply appreciate the world's incredible nature, sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We believe that by diving into the beauty of nature from all corners of the globe and sparking a desire to keep these landscapes safe for future generations, we can significantly boost awareness of environmental issues. Atmoph Window Yo takes this one step further by offering an experience similar to traveling, making these environmental concerns feel more personal to our viewers.

Discovering the Beauty of the World

From the emerald green beaches of Oahu to the monumental Uluru with its rich history, our Views have been filmed in 6K and offer a close-up view of nature, preserved over many years. These Views are always followed instructions and rules based on their local communities.

Additionally, Atmoph Window Yo is equipped with features that bring the world closer, such as learning about the history and culture of each landscape through Atmoph's original text and AI guide, and games that enable users to discover landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Diamond Head.

Atmoph Window Yo: Three Environmental Considerations

Our goal is to create environmentally friendly products from the manufacturing process onwards:

Eco-Friendly Shipping Material
We collaborate with factories certified by the FSC® forest certification system, which ensures appropriate forest management, to minimize the environmental affects of our products.

Easy Tips to Save Energy
Atmoph Window Yo is designed to consume about 25-30W, roughly half the power of traditional incandescent bulbs. We plan to support a timer that can automatically switch to sleep mode to reduce power consumption further.

Reduce Electronic Waste
The latest model has moved away from using a dedicated AC adapter and instead uses a standard USB-C power cable. The included charging port can also be used with other mobile devices, helping to reduce electronic waste at home.