Came Back on Kickstarter


We've now returned to Kickstarter, where we launched our first-generation model, Atmoph Window, in 2015! Join us on our new journey with the completely revamped third-generation model, Atmoph Window Yo.

Atmoph Window Yo: Next-Gen Virtual Window with 1,700+ Views:

“Atmoph Scope,” the world's first telescopic pointing controller, lets you explore views from inside a window by pointing and zooming in on areas of interest. Supported by a more powerful CPU/GPU, Atmoph Window Yo offers smoother operation and richer visual expression. Visit our campaign page for more details.

This time, the special reward package will include an Edition Pass to experience the world of "DEATH STRANDING," created by the world-renowned game creator, Hideo Kojima.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us from the beginning, Atmoph Window has continued to evolve over two generations. We are truly grateful!

We would be delighted if you could join us on our new journey.