Version 4.2 Released!

システム更新version 4.2 リリース!

Today, we released version 4.2.1. This update is designed to make your Atmoph Window 2 more user-friendly and convenient, so please give it a try. The main updates are as follows:

New themes "rain/fog" and "snow/winter" have been added to Soundscape

Experience Atmoph's unique ambient soundscapes, which offer different sounds each time you listen. Whether you're working, reading, or meditating, it's always there for you. Search for the Views using keywords like "winter" or "rain" from the Views page, and turn ON "Soundscape" from the QUICK MENU to enjoy.

Improved speed and accuracy of "Ask”

Our AI assistant "Ask" now supports GPT-4o. Response times and the accuracy of answers have greatly improved over the previous version, enabling more natural interactions.

"New" playlist, easy to use even in Panorama

A "New" playlist has been added to quickly view newly added Views at a glance.

You can check it out right now by going to MENU > Settings > System > Update and updating your window to the latest version. We are committed to delivering a great experience to everyone and look forward to your continued support!

For more details, check it out here