Digital artist KEIGO INOUE and Atmoph have begun a collaboration project!

デジタルアーティストKEIGO INOUEとAtmophのコラボプロジェクトが始動

We’re beginning a collaboration with the digital artist KEIGO INOUE who has caught the attention of the digital art world and has since collaborated with Kizuna Ai, Eve, Ado, and CY8ER. Today, the first View, "AKIBA METROPOLIS", set in the Akihabara of the near future, is being released on the Atmoph Window 2.

With his use of vivid color, motion graphics, and effects, his innovative cyberpunk worldview can now be enjoyed as the view from your window. You can download these views to subscribe to our Limitless plan or purchase them for 5.99 USD for a single and 9.99 USD for a panorama.

KEIGO INOUE’s ProfileFrom Osaka. After working as a character modeler for a game company, he began work as an illustrator through his work as an assistant to a manga artist. Currently, he is a multimedia video creator and illustrator, exploring new possibilities as a new-age digital artist.

Official Web Site:

From here, we’re planning to continue to release services and products through the Atmoph Window 2 featuring KEIGO INOUE’s worlds. Please look forward to more!