New Views! Mt. Yoshino, one of the Best Spot of Beautiful Cherry Blossoms, has been Added

New Views! 日本屈指の桜の名所、吉野山の風景を追加

Mount Yoshino is known as one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan. The sight of 30,000 cherry trees in full bloom one after another, enveloping the entire mountain in a pale pink color, has been described as "a thousand cherry trees at a glance" and has been loved by people since ancient times. Most of the cherry blossoms in Mt. Yoshino are not someiyoshino but wild yamazakura. The yamazakura is taller than the someiyoshino, blooms and falls at different times depending on the individual tree, and is characterized by the red shoots that appear along with the flowers.Mt. Yoshino area is divided into Shimo-senbon, Naka-senbon, Kami-senbon, and Oku-senbon from the foot of the mountain. This time we present to you the cherry blossoms that fill the slopes of the mountain in Kami-senbon. Enjoy the spring scenery that contrasts beautifully with the green trees.

New Views

  • Blossoms of Rokudo Bank 2 (Nagano)
  • Cherry Blossoms at Kitakata 1 (Fukushima)
  • Cherry Blossoms at Kitakata 2 (Fukushima)
  • Blossoms at Bukkoji Park 1 (Kyoto)
  • Blossoms of Mount Yoshino 2 (Nara)
  • Blossoms of Isasumi Shrine 2 (Fukushima)