Refer a friend, Get $15+ and Give $25+ discount


Hi travellers, we’re so thrilled to announce that our referral program has just started! As our core passion is to make the every day an adventure through Atmoph Window 2, we’ve been also thinking that your journey would be more exciting if you could share your experience with your friends or family. At last, here is our special offer for you. With this link, you could refer a friend even overseas.

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Overview of our Referral program

  • Refer a friend to Atmoph to get a reward of $15+, and give friends a $25+ discount at our store
  • Applies to purchases that include Atmoph Window 2.
  • Discounts are available to those who have no previous purchase history from the store
  • PayPal account is needed to receive your reward (sent in 4 months approx.)The amount of reward and discount is based on JPY and varies by rate.

Now, we have more users all over the world and without you, we’d never reached this long pathway. With Atmoph Window 2, keep exploring the world around you and share this with your friends now!