New Views! Karuizawa where is well known for a summer resort has been added

New Views! 日本有数の避暑地、軽井沢の風景をAtmophでリリース

Karuizawa flourished as a post town on the Nakasendo highway in ancient times, and became a summer resort for foreigners in the Meiji era. It has a unique atmosphere with its beautiful churches in the forest that still remain intact and the museums with a lot of individuality. In addition to relaxing in one of Japan's top mountain resorts, there is plenty to do all year round, from golf and cycling in the summer to skiing and hot springs in the winter. Enjoy the peaceful moment and how the time is passing slowly through your window.

New Views

  • Karuizawa 2 (Nagano)
  • Kawaikui Beach Park 1 (Oahu, Hawaii)
  • Twilight at Nafplio 1 (Argolis)
  • Onigajo Senjojiki 1 (Mie)
  • Terrace in Karuizawa 2 (Nagano)
  • Ala Moana Regional Park 1 (Oahu, Hawaii)