New Views! San Diego, Torrey Pines, an area known for its paragliding, has been added.

New Views! 飛び立っていくパラグライダーが印象的なサンディエゴ、トーリー・パインズの風景を追加

We've added new views of San Diego, Torrey Pines! Torrey Pines, located in the northern part of La Jolla facing the Pacific Ocean, is known for its paragliding. Many paragliders take off from the gliderport set up on the cliffs along the coast, looking like colorful flowers blooming in the bright blue sky. There is also a school at the port, where even beginners can try their hand at flying. The view of the sparkling California sea from the sky will be an unforgettable memory of your trip.

The coast of Torrey Pines has steep cliffs formed by wave erosion, and the winds that blow against them create updrafts, making the conditions ideal for glider flight. As a result, several aviation pioneers, including Charles Lindbergh, have tried their hand at gliding here for about 100 years. That history has continued, and many different types of aircraft, including paragliders, hang gliders, and radio-controlled model aircraft, still fly the skies over Torrey Pines.

Visitors can try a tandem flight with an instructor, or simply soak up the liberating feeling of watching paragliders glide across the sky. On the terrace of the café at the gliderport, you can enjoy a leisurely lunch while watching the brave people take off from in front of you. You may also like to lie on the nudist beach at the bottom of the cliff and enjoy the contrast between the colorful paragliders in the sky and the Pacific Ocean in front of you.

New Views

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