New Views! Dubai, a city that continues to evolve day by day

New Views! 日々進化を続ける都市、ドバイの風景を追加

Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree floating off the coast of Dubai. The 16 branches that extend from the central trunk are lined with elegant luxury villas, while the Crescent, the outer edge island which surrounds the palm tree, is home to a cluster of five-star hotels with extensive grounds. Enjoy this major resort island that continues to evolve day by day, with gorgeous new spots opening one after another, including the world's largest fountain, the Palm Fountain, and the world's highest infinity pool, 200 meters above the ground.

New Views:

  • Palm Jumeirah 2 (Dubai)
  • Night View of Downtown Dubai 2 (Dubai)
  • Dubai Frame (Dubai)
  • Beach Resort in Palm Jumeirah 1(Dubai)
  • Night in Palm Jumeirah 1 (Dubai)
  • Palm Jumeirah 1 (Dubai)
  • Night View of Downtown Dubai 1 (Dubai)