This is the Near Future of Work! Tobalog's Room has been Added!

近未来のワークスタイル。YouTuber トバログさんの仕事部屋を追加!

The room of Tobalog who is a blogger and Youtuber making content usually focusing on gadgets and lifestyle goods has been added to Atmoph Window! The room, which is a bright and natural space based on white, is filled with special items such as an elevating desk and a vivid orange table lamp. If you keep watching this View, you can see that he is going into the virtual world by wearing state-of-the-art VR headsets. Tobalog is so addicted to the metaverse that he even creates a life-size room himself using 3DCG. Enjoy the near-future work style of going back and forth between the real and VR worlds through your window. Preview it here.