New Views! Beautiful Waikiki Beach

New Views! ワイキキ・ビーチの風景を追加

Waikiki Beach on the island of Oahu is the first beach in Hawaii that comes to mind for many people. The white sandy beach stretches for about three kilometers with a gentle curve. The sun shines brightly on the south-facing beach, accentuating the beauty of the blue ocean.This view was taken from the Waikiki Wall, a breakwater separating Kuhio Beach, famous for its hula shows, and Queens Beach to the south. The beautiful waves, the straight horizon, and the calm blue sky are impressive. Feel like a surfer riding the waves and have the vast ocean and sky all to yourself.

New View

  • Waikiki Wall 2 (Oahu, Hawaii)
  • Streeterville 1 (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Olive Field in North Kynouria 2 (Arcadia)
  • Shinagawa Station at Night 1 (Tokyo)
  • Waikiki Wall 1 (Oahu, Hawaii)
  • Olive Field in North Kynouria 1 (Arcadia)