Update!  Atmoph Window 2 has evolved into something more user-friendly, more useful, and more fun with version 3.5

アップデート!Atmoph Window 2がより簡単に、より便利に、より楽しく操作できるように進化

Atmoph Window 2 has evolved yet again! We’ve put together a version update based on the many requests we’ve received from all our users that allows you to customize your window to match your own lifestyle. You can check it out right now by going to MENU > Settings > Systems > Update and updating your window to the latest version. Are you ready to give it a try?

1. More ways to customize your 1,400 views with Auto

If you're wondering the way to how to find all 1,400 views from Atmoph Window 2, Auto mode is good choice. You can now fine tune your settings, such as setting the View to change at a set interval (you can set the interval to 30 minutes or more) and limiting the Views only to those that match the season. For those of you who were asking for shorter intervals between View changes and those wanting to enjoy only wintery Views during winter, it’s now possible to have things set just to your liking.

2. Decorations have evolved even further

Now you can change up the feel of your Views with decorations like wooden frames and submarine windows on Panorama too (set it from MENU > Quick > Decoration).

3. Device Lock has on!

Device Lock is handy for use in public spaces such as clinics or cafés or in homes with small children. With the Device Lock, you can lock your device with a 4 digit PIN code so you can control how much is accessible. You can even set it to change Views while locked, giving you the flexibility to use it in all sorts of situations.

4. Enabled to control via Apple Watch

In addition to the Atmoph remote control and smartphone app, we’ve also added support for Apple Watches. Now you can use your Apple Watch to control your window instead of having to fish out your smartphone when you get home. You can also use it while working from home to easily manage your device and change it to match your mood with the controls close at hand.

Are you ready to give it a try? So, be sure to check out all of them here: