Year’s last update, version 3.2 is on!

Version 3.2をリリースしました

Before wrapping up 2021, software update, version 3.2 is rolling out today! Atmoph Window 2 is getting more user-friendly and fits your lifestyle. Furthermore, the Upload feature is coming with this update, too. To fully experience our new creation, go to MENU > Settings > System > Update and update your Atmoph Window 2 to the latest version, version 3.2.

Enabled to type characters directly through your App (Android will be available within the year)

Not only you could search views by directly typing through your Smartphone, but also you could switch Wi-Fi network, enter your Coupon code, or change your Atmoph Window 2’s. This new version of Android App will be available within the year. iOS will be available early in 2022.

Beta version of Upload unlocks a little

Up until now, only invited users could use the beta version of Upload, and today we unlock a little this version as below.

  • Apply for all Atmoph Window 2 users
  • Join Limitless: one video per day
  • Others: one video for once a week

Enjoy your memorable views by going to MENU > Views and selecting the left column menu and ‘Upload’ Honestly said, supporting our initial Atmoph Window 1 would take time more than we expected. It’s getting so much closer, so we’ll let you know if we have any updates about this.

How to Upload:

Supporting Camera Module

Thank you again for waiting to use your Camera Module. As it’s our priority to deliver the highest quality product possible, we’ve decided to change our schedule to our next update, version 3.3 and we’re going to support a totally new feature, detecting the Gesture.

Throughout the development, we’ve met so many challenges and technical issues and found the other new way, detecting your body gesture through the Camera Module would be interesting and we believe it’s almost there to release. This would be a totally new experience like you're in the future such us rising hands indicate switching view of Atmoph Window 2. To use your Camera Module as soon as possible you could, we’ve decided to develop this Gesture feature in priority and will be available in the next update. We’ve been working hard on Face-Tracking and Indoor Camera, too.

Many thanks to all of you again for supporting Atmoph!Wishing your winter holidays filled with joy and very best wishes for a happy New Year!