New ver.3.0 is finally on! Including Google Calendar sync, other features will help you to get organize your day!

Atmoph Window 2、ver.3.0をリリース!Googleカレンダー連携をはじめ、日々のタスク管理がより便利に。

Happy Autumn! We’re so thrilled to announce that our new ver.3.0 is finally released! We believe these feature will help you to organize your daily tasks and make your life more convenient. So, enjoy your day with Atmoph Window 2. To fully experience our new features, update your Atmoph Window 2 to the latest version by going to MENU > Settings > System > Update.

Make your day a little bit more convenient

With this update, some new exciting features are added to Atmoph Window 2. Have you been thinking about being overwhelmed by so many tasks and schedules? Here, we have some tips to organize your day by using our original App features :)

You also could sync your Atmoph Window 2 with Google Calendar by going to Settings > Apps > Calendar > Google Account to see your events on Atmoph Window 2. So, you don’t have to open your smartphone or laptop to check your schedules anymore. You could get a quick overview of your tasks before you go out. 

Also, it can help when checking the schedule together with your family or coworkers, too. Depending on your situation, you’re able to change your view setting like a day or month.

In terms of Weather, more details are available now. Inanition to today’s weather, you could check the information within a week from today. As the temperatures of how you feel like and sunrise/sunset time are also on, see this to decide what kinds of clothes you’ll wear today. 

It’s easy way to see Date & Time, current weather, and today’s schedule a glance. 

Customize your Atmoph Window 2 to fit your lifestyle

Daily Routines

This is a good feature to let you remind the daily tasks or set particular actions on time by going to Settings > General > Daily Routines > Add Routines. With “Alarm”, you could set a time you pick your kids up or time to cook dinner. Or how about changing the brightness when you wake up and darker it just before you go to bed? To fit your lifestyle, use well this Daily Routines!

What’s new

Here, we added to “What’s New” on MENU so that you could check our new landscapes and update. It's more easy catching up our latest information. For more details about what you get, check it our here

We all hope you love our new update! More than anything we would like to our gratitude for your patience and support always. Also, a big thank you to all testers who’ve joined our beta test. Without your support, we could never release this update successfully. Still, we have many surprises you could look forward to them.