Biggest Update Ever! Enjoy the Views in Depth

Atmoph Window 2が大幅アップデート!数々の新機能で、風景をディープに楽しむ

We’ve released the biggest ever update for the Atmoph Window 2! Your adventure with the Atmoph Window 2 will now be more fun than ever before with a mountain of new features. We hope you’ll take part in Atmoph’s massive transformative evolution.

Quench your thirst for knowledge with our redesigned Views page

It always takes a little courage to step out into a world you've never seen before. With the new Atmoph Window 2, Atmoph's informative original descriptions are available to support you on your journey.

Original AI Guides support your trip
Explore the world with our Maps

During your study of the countries and locations around the world, if you ever feel like really getting to know a particular locale, you can buy local delicacies from the Views you're looking at from your window.This new experience allows you to get closer to the authentic global cultures you see on the other side of your window.

Make your own Adventure

Playlists allow curated Views anytime
Enjoy Views by Users

Everyone has their own favorite travel style, such as relaxing at a resort or going on an adventure to hike over rugged mountain roads. Enjoy your journey around the world from your own home that best fits your lifestyle.

An Atmoph First! Link 5 Windows in the Biggest Panorama

Not only can you link 5 windows together horizontally, you can even link two units together horizontally. Now you have the flexibility to fit them in rooms and walls of many sizes, including areas with limited space, and really experience the scenery as if you were there.In celebration of this release, we will be offering a Multiple Purchase Discount when you purchase multiple units. For those of you thinking of buying for the first time or just wanting more windows, now’s your chance!

Atmoph Store:

Additionally, we will be increasing the number of themes for the Soundscape and will be improving functionality overall to make Atmoph more instinctive and easier to use than ever before.

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What kind of adventure will you set out on? We’ve encountered places and cultures we’ve never seen before, with surprises and excitement along the way. We look forward to seeing everyone seek the spirit of adventure as part of their everyday lives.