From Atmoph, new Views of the City Sample, a 3D virtual city in Unreal Engine 5, filmed by in-game photographer Petri Levälahti

Unreal Engine 5の3D仮想都市「City サンプル」の風景をリリース。インゲームフォトグラファーのPetri Levälahti氏が撮影

Set in a virtual city with towering skyscrapers and traffic flowing across intersecting freeways that you can hardly tell from the real thing, this view utilizes the City Sample, the free 3D asset released by Epic Games.

Highlights of the Views

These Views were filmed entirely by Mr. Petri Levälahti, one of the few in-game photographers in the world, exclusively for Atmoph. The composition, human-like perspective and field of view have all been taken into consideration and filmed so that you feel as if you’re really looking out your window.

※ Unreal Engine is a trademark and registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and other countries.

Petri Levälahti

In-game photographer. Based out of the head office in Stockholm, he works as a Screenshot Capture Artist for EA DICE (EA Digital Illusions CE).
Major Works: