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Edition Pass | Stranger Things 予約開始

We know you cannot wait for the new season, and here is our solution. The world or Stranger Things finally comes to life with Atmoph Window 2! This 'Edition Pass | Stranger Things' enables you to immerse yourself in the fictional 1980s town of Hawkins and even in "The Upside Down" as if you were really there.


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Limited cassette-tape-like package to go first 500!!


Limited release package - the cassette tape

A limited-release design modeled after the Stranger Things cassette tapes that appear in the show.

Six different original cards made just for collectors

Included are six Atmoph-exclusive cards featuring designs of all the main characters from the show. One of these cards is randomly chosen for them.


Product Lineup


Edition Pass | Stranger Things


Atmoph Window 2 | Stranger Things


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Series lovers must not miss this! Pre-order now and look forward to seeing what kind of strange will happen to your window.