Planet "Naboo" has been Added as the limited edition Star Wars model


Following the popular "Coruscant", the beautiful planet "Naboo" has been released as the 5th limited view of Atmoph Window 2 | Star Wars. Theed, the capital city of the Naboo. In Theed, the Theed Royal Palace rose above beautiful cliffs and waterfalls overlooking the city, and a variety of ships landed in the Theed Spaceport that stretched below. The film is precisely reproduced in Atmoph's original CG under the supervision of Lucasfilm.

In addition, Atmoph Window 2 | Star Wars includes a Darth Vader breathing alarm and a virtual window frame from the Millennium Falcon. Enjoy these features and Views together and immerse yourself in the world of "Star Wars".

Before purchasing

  • View is only available for purchase for 1,890 yen (tax included) for Atmoph Window 2 | Star Wars owners.
  • View can only be purchased from within Japan.
  • You must create an account and register a credit card in order to purchase this View

How to Purchase View of "Naboo"

  • From the Atmoph Window 2 | Star Wars unit, open the MENU > Select the View from the "STAR WARS" playlist.

Enjoy your new journey to a galaxy far, far away!