Special Views to Celebrate the Launch of Yo


To celebrate the launch of Atmoph Window Yo, we've unveiled two special Views in our "Next Room" series.

Chatting about Yo

In the View of "Chatting about Yo", you'll hear from the three co-founders as they share various stories about Atmoph, from the origin of the name "Yo" to the our future vision. You’ll find a plenty of firsthand insights, too. (You also can see the full vide atYouTube, too.)

A room with Yo

In the View of "A room with Yo", you can see a room where Atmoph Window Yo has been installed. The lush green lawn and clear sky visible through the window beautifully contrast with the tranquil, white-themed room.

We could never have reached here without your support, and Atmoph Window Yo represents us nearing the pinnacle of throughout our history. We're so excited to continue exploring new journey together with all of you.

Atmoph Window Y

Atmoph Window Yo, a new-era "window," innovative home entertainment by enabling you to explore and discover more about the world. It offers a range of over 1,700 original Views, from vast natural landscapes and world heritage sites to resorts with breathtaking views, as well as exclusive Views unique to Atmoph Window, like Cretaceous dinosaurs and 3D virtual cities. With Atmoph Scope, you can zoom in to watch flowers blooming in the distance or birds flying past your window. This feature enhances the joy of discovering new details within the Views you explore.