Atmoph is collaborating with “ONE PIECE”!

『ONE PIECE』とAtmoph、コラボプロジェクト始動!

Last year, "ONE PIECE" celebrated its 25th anniversary, and it has been continuously loved by people of all ages. Atmoph makes your childhood dream of "someday I would like to go on an adventure with Luffy and his crews!" come true.

Project Pt. 1: Experience the world of “ONE PIECE” in real life!
 Introducing  Edition Pass | ONE PIECE

Edition Pass | ONE PIECE is a special pass that allows you to connect with the world of the game "ONE PIECE ODYSSEY" at any time through the Atmoph Window. The beautiful Capital of Water from "Water Seven" and "The Gate of Justice" stands majestically behind "Enies Lobby". It is exciting to see those islands depicted in comic books come into your life so realistically outside your window. All three Views are specially selected so that all fans are sure to love them. The Views were filmed as if you were looking out a real window; extensive and ongoing testing was carried out to find the best camera angle, best composition, the perfect position of the horizon, and so on so that you could immerse yourself in the world of "ONE PIECE."

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There’s even more on the way to be released as part of the “ONE PIECE” Project! So, stay tuned to our upcoming information.