Historical tea garden and "Matcha" tea factory are added as the series of "Next Room"

『Next Room』に、堀井七茗園から由緒ある茶園と抹茶の製造過程の風景をリリース

We've added 7 views from Horii Shichimeien, which is the Japanese tea company, workshops in Japanese traditional crafts, and performances of dancing by Maiko as part of Atmoph’s "Next Room" View series of interior spaces. Horii Shichimeien was established in 1879 and has sold tencha and matcha produced locally in Uji from its foundation until today. As you see the views from the historical tea garden and the automated stone mills grinding the tea leaves, you will feel as if you could smell the fresh green tea leaf aroma.

We also released a dancing scene of Maiko with the swaying light of Japanese candles and a workshop at Nakamura Rousoku. Enjoy the Japanese tradition through these views.