“Next Room” View series has just started!

Next Room(ネクスト・ルーム)のリリースを開始しました!

We are excited to announce the release of our “Next Room” View series, the first of Atmoph’s Views of interior spaces. The “Next Rooms” you can view from your Window are: a Japanese textile studio workshop founded in 1894 during the Meiji period and steeped in history; a factory scene of Karimoku, Japan’s famed timber furniture maker, and; a quiet relaxed coffee shop in Kyoto to chill out in.

Glimpse up to your Window, and find the back of a craftsman rhythmically weaving, or a barista brewing coffee at a cafe counter. There is someone else on the other side of the Window, sharing time with you. Feel the connection.We've had many requests for interior Views, but especially with people spending more time at home due to COVID-19, we strongly hoped that “though Atmoph’s Views, people could real more of a sense of connection with each other.” We also plan on adding further rooms to our “Next Room” series, including a library etc., so not only you can feel like you are traveling the world, you can also connect with people from room to room.

Views of “Next Room” series: 


The origins of Karimoku can be traced back to 1940, when the company's founder, Shohei Kato, began a small woodworking studio after inheriting a longstanding timber yard in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture. These skills were polished through production of a wide range of timber products and Karimoku began selling its own timber furniture in the 1960s. The company grew to become one of Japan’s leading timber manufacturers, building a foundation in the timber industry as a fusion of precise mechanization and craftsmanship, around the motto of “high tech, high touch”.


Nishijin, Kyoto, where the history and tradition of Japanese textiles lives and breathes. In one part of Nishijin can be found Tatsumura Art Textiles, who, since their establishment in 1894 with the motif of “restore and create” as their foundation, continue to this day to bring new textiles to the world. The many famous fabrics of Tatsumura Art Textiles create a luxurious aura and give joy and a sense of comfort to touch, each color and pattern has a story woven within.

Lin Coffee

Lin Coffee is located in a quiet area just off Kyoto’s Karasuma Dori. The store’s landmark is a sky-blue off-road bicycle that hangs at the storefront. The specialty coffee shop sports a wide range of unique coffee from around the world collected by its owner, also a bike enthusiast. The original coffee beans are served in a siphon brewer designed to draw out the flavors to the max. The result is coffee with a refined and pure taste and tantalizing aroma extracted by the hot and quick brewing process.