Get Ahead of Spring! "Blossoms of Mount Yoshino" Added to Atmoph


Mount Yoshino is known as one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan. In the 7th century, En no Gyoja, the founder of Shugendo (Japanese mountain asceticism), enshrined Kongo Zao Gongen on a cherry tree on Mt. Yoshino, and since then, believers have continued to plant cherry trees as the sacred tree, leading to the formation of the flowering Yoshino. The cherry trees were loved by historical writers such as Saigyo Hoshi and Matsuo Basho, and in the Edo period (1603-1867), ordinary people began to visit the area.

Mt. Yoshino area is divided into Shimo-senbon, Naka-senbon, Kami-senbon, and Oku-senbon from the foot of the mountain. This time, we released a view looking up at the cherry blossoms blooming on the slopes of the Kami-senbon from up close. Enjoy the pale pink that fills the window and the soft spring sunlight.

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