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旅人を魅了する小入峠の紅葉、Atmoph Windowに登場

Onyu Pass, located on the border between Shiga and Fukui prefectures, is a spectacular natural view point where you can see the mountains of the Tamba Heights and the Sea of Japan in the distance. It used to be a hidden area known only to those in the know, but in 2015, a forest road connecting Obama and Takashima through the pass was opened, and it has become popular as a driving route where you can enjoy the varied views.Onyu Pass offers beautiful nature in each of the four seasons, but it is especially special in autumn when the surrounding mountains turn red and yellow. From the forest road leading to the pass, you can also see the autumn leaves all around the area. As you gaze at the trees tinted in warm hues, you can feel the deepening of the autumn season.

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