Adding Views of Snowy Kyoto ! Enjoy the Snow-Covered Yasaka Pagoda and Kamogawa River


The Yasaka Pagoda, a symbol of Higashiyama, stands in a town with a historical atmosphere. It is a five-story pagoda with a long history that has stood here since before the capital was built in Kyoto. Its beautiful silhouette, unchanged since long ago, is loved by locals and tourists alike as an atmospheric scene typical of Kyoto.This is a winter scene in which the Yasaka Pagoda and the town of Higashiyama are covered with snow. The snow that fell during the night piled up on the roofs and trees, and the dignified cold air of early morning and even the texture of the snow can be felt. Enjoy this precious winter scene in Kyoto, where there is not much snowfall, from the warmth of your room.

New View

  • Snow on Yasaka Pagoda 2 (Kyoto)
  • Stepantsminda 1 (Mtskheta-Mtianeti)
  • Snow on Kamo River 2 (Kyoto)
  • Morning at Harris Beach 1 (Oregon)
  • Snow on Yasaka Pagoda 1 (Kyoto)
  • Village in Kazbegi 1 (Mtskheta-Mtianeti)