Introducing Kazakhstan: Atmoph's First Addition Boasting Painterly Beauty


The view of Kazakhstan, a vast country located in Central Asia, makes its Atmoph Window debut! The Ustyurt Plateau stretches across Mangystau. One of the most representative spots of its distinctive topography is Bozjyra. Several limestone mountains as high as 200 meters rise out of the dry sandy ground as far as the eye can see.

The Ustyurt Plateau, where Bozjyra is located, was the bottom of the Tethys Ocean in prehistoric times. The rock strata are formed by marine sediments, and the sand contains salt. As you gaze upon this world of rock and sand, which is now dry land, enjoy feeling as if you have wandered off to another planet.

New Views: 

  • Kokala Valley 1 (Mangystau)
  • Mountain in Bozjyra 2 (Mangystau)
  • Kyzylkup 1 (Mangystau)
  • Twilight at Bozjyra 1 (Mangystau)
  • Mountain in Bozjyra 1 (Mangystau)
  • Camels in Torysh 1 (Mangystau)