The Roots of Oi Ocha, from Atmoph


The lush tea garden of Horiguchien spreads out amidst the endless farmlands of Shibushi City, Kagoshima Prefecture. Horiguchien is growing tea for the future with its vast tea garden and innovative style of smart agriculture. Looking at the pleasant early-summer scenery of neatly lined rows of tea plants, even the aroma of fresh tea seems to reach you from behind the window.The impetus for the making of this View was the Atmoph Window 2 appearing as a prize as part of a campaign sponsored by ITO EN. To put it simply, tea is an agricultural product, and thus not all tea is grown equally. Horiguchien ensures that their customers receive high-quality tea using both artisanal techniques and modern quality control. When you see these Views, you will feel the hard work and passion that went on behind the scenes.

New Views

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