Adding the Aurora Views from Iceland


The town of Húsavík, about an hour's drive from Akureyri, the central city of North Iceland, is lined with wooden houses facing the sea. Known as a hub for whale watching, the town attracts travelers and offers a wide variety of museums and other attractions.The name of the town means "bay with houses”, comes from a legend that Swedes wintered and built their houses here in 870, before the settlement of Iceland began in 874. Looking up from Húsavík, the night sky is decorated with the Northern Lights. Enjoy the harmony of the aurora borealis like a veil of fleeting light and the town lights shimmering on the surface of the harbor.

New Views

  • Stuðlagil Canyon 1 (Eastern Region)Aurora at Hjalteyri 1 (Northeastern Region)
  • Aurora at Húsavík Suburbs 1 (Northeastern Region)
  • Tjörnin Lake at Reykjavík 1 (Capital Region)
  • Aurora at Húsavík 1 (Northeastern Region)
  • Aldeyjarfoss 1 (Northeastern Region)