The Enchanting Country of Georgia, New from Atmoph!


Called the holy land of the digital worker and Europe’s last hidden gem, Georgia is growing ever more popular among travelers. A number of people have come to visit Georgia to see the sights, take in its history, or even for a short sojourn. Why not take a quick trip yourself with the Atmoph Window 2?

Enjoy a taste of Georgia

If you ever feel like really getting to know a particular locale, you can buy local delicacies of Views you're looking at from your window through our feature of Shopping.

To commemorate this release, you will be able to order Georgian wine straight from the Atmoph Window 2! Georgia has been regarded as the birthplace of wine. Enjoy rich red wines straight from the source. Click here to see how to order it. What do you think of Georgia? We also plan on adding some new Views focusing on fall colors to the Atmoph Window 2 next month. We hope you look forward to your next adventure!