NEW Views! Rain at Valdaora di Sotto

NEW Views! 雨のヴァルダーオラ・ディ・ソット

The area of Olang (Valdaora) is nestled in the Puster Valley, which runs east to west through the Alps in South Tyrol. Known for its beautiful scenery of mountains and thick green meadows, it is a popular destination for hikers and cyclists in the summer and skiers in the winter.Olang has several villages, all of which are treasure troves of peaceful and relaxing landscapes. Niederolang (Valdaora di Sotto), in particular, is a typical example of a beautiful harmony of houses with a red-roofed church, mountains, and forests. Enjoy the moist scenery of the village in the haze of rain before the full-fledged hiking season begins.

New View

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  • Rain at Valdaora di Sotto 1 (Trentino-Alto Adige)
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