Issinan Kyoto, Omotesenke Style Japanese Tea ceremony which has been practiced for about 500 years, could now be enjoyed with with Atmoph Window 2

約500年続く表千家茶道の世界をAtmoph Window 2で配信開始

Today we’ve added a view of Issinan Kyoto, from Arashiyama in Kyoto. You can feel just like you’re actually experiencing an Omotesenke Tea Ceremony as you watch the intricate steps involved in arranging the tea utensils and performing the ceremony in the refined atmosphere of the tearoom.

You’ll watch as the host silently performs the steps to brew the tea, feeling truly immersed, as if you had been invited to attend the ceremony yourself. As each gesture flows from one to the next, accompanied by only the sound of shuffling on the tatami, your eyes and ears will both enjoy the display of traditional culture.