Features that could dive into the world of "DEATH STRANDING" are added

ゲーム『DEATH STRANDING』の世界が臨場感たっぷりに味わえる新機能を搭載

New features for views of "DEATH STRANDING" are on! Decorations that express the random appearance of the mysterious "BTs," with sound and 'Like" features that are used of communication tools between users, has just been added. In your daily life, you could feel the world of "DEATH STRANDING" right next to you more than ever.

Download version of Edition Pass | DEATH STRANDING is now available on Atmoph Views. You could purchase it from MENU > Views from Atmoph Window 2.

BT decoration with sound and unpredictable movement

The decoration, which looks as if BT is approaching, is a benefit that only comes with the purchase of the Edition Pass | DEATH STRANDING. This is an unprecedented decoration with movement and sound that will make you feel the world of DEATH STRANDING even more.

Bookmark your favorite View with DEATH STRANDING version “like”

With Edition Pass | DEATH STRANDING, you are able to bookmark your favorite Views with a unique DEATH STRANDING "like" icon.You can enjoy your own “My Favorite” playlist with the Views added with your “Like”

Enjoy exploring the world of "DEATH STRANDING" through Atmoph Window 2.