Only a Limited Amount Left! Atmoph Window 2 | DEATH STRANDING

Fans all over the world have raved about Atmoph Window 2 | DEATH STRANDING: "It's so amazing to see the world of the game through the window." "I feel as if I were inside the game." Due to the Atmoph Window 2 | DEATH STRANDING has been a big hit, and we have only a few of the exclusive "BRIDGES"-inspired navy frames left. The production of the following products might be over once they're sold out, so please order as soon as possible. The special package, which is designed based on the image of Porter’s cargo from the game, is only available at Atmoph. So, don't miss it.

  • Atmoph Window 2 | DEATH STRANDING
  • Atmoph Window 2 | DEATH STRANDING (3 screen set)
  • Atmoph Frame | DEATH STRANDIN

Edition Pass | DEATH STRANDING and Edition Pass | DEATH STRANDING Vol. 2 are still available! With this Pass, you can continue to enjoy the world of "DEATH STRANDING" on any Atmoph Window 2 model.