Our First Collab with Yoga Creator aya!


With a lifetime achievement of over 400,000 students under her tutelage, aya is a popular yoga content creator in Japan. Her lessons have been praised as easy to understand, beautiful and effective. Even though her super popular lessons are booked out three years in advance, now you can experience them yourself with our special videos only on the Atmoph Window 2!

You can enjoy aya’s amazing and beautiful yoga performance unfolding before you through your window, set against the natural surroundings of The Key Highland Nasu Hotel in Nasushiobara in Tochigi. With stretching, muscle training, and even aerobic workouts, men and women alike can enjoy this unique and popular yoga method.Unlike online lessons on a tablet or PC, on the 27-inch (approx. 60cm x 30cm) window, your lesson experience will be extremely immersive. There are four levels of videos from which to choose, from beginner to advanced. Choose the level you’d like to try and get started right away!