It's connected! Enjoy Many Possibilities with IFTTT

もっと気軽に風景が楽しめるよう、Atmoph Windowが進化

Today, we’re excited to share some exciting updates that will change how you interact with Atmoph Window!

Voice control via smart speaker, actions via Flic smart buttons, and actions controllable using the sensor are all available now. So, here we go! 

Many possibilities with IFTTT

IFTTT, which stands for “If This Then That,” is a service that can simplify and automate your tasks. By connecting different triggers and actions together via the IFTTT app, you can make your own recipes, such as turning off Atmoph Window when you leave home. What kinds of triggers and actions will you try? It’s up to you.

1. Voice control via smart speakers

All you need to do is say, “Hey Google.” Imagine your busy morning. With voice control, you can interact with Atmoph Window, like turning on the window, checking your schedule on Google Calendar, and turning off the window when you leave home. It’s an experience like never before. (We’ll have support for Alexa soon.)


2. Customize your life with your digital window

Customize your Atmoph Window to make smarter actions. What if Atmoph Window opened to Google calendar when you entered your office? Or if the landscape automatically changed to sync with the local weather? The great thing about IFTTT is that you can make custom combinations of triggers and actions, too!


3. Flic, a wireless smart button

With Flic, you can create shortcuts to actions. Clicking Flic will allow you to trigger various actions, like turning Atmoph Window on and off, changing the view, and turning the calendar on and off. Connecting Flic with IFTTT will make your everyday use of Atmoph even simpler.


More control via the sensor

Up until now, the sensor could only control one action at a time. But today, the new dashboard feature makes it possible to control many different actions, including volume control and selecting views from My Views, all via the sensor. The sensor dashboard is a great choice for when you want to control Atmoph Window quickly, or don’t have your smartphone nearby. Additionally, after you initially set up the Wi-Fi, you can use the sensor to control Atmoph Window in other rooms that may have a weak Wi-Fi connection or no Wi-Fi at all!


We strongly hope your life with Atmoph Window will be even better, and even smarter, with these new features.