Introducing the Smart Remote, "Nature Remo 3"

「Atmoph x Nature」初のコラボキャンペーンを開始

Nature Remo 3 is a smart remote that can control the Atmoph Window 2.

Linking both devices, and control Atmoph Window 2 much smarter!

■Voice control

Nature Remo 3 supports integration with smart speakers such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod. It will be possible to switch ON, or to the next view of Atmoph Window 2 by voice control.

■Control with multi appliances

Nature Remo 3 which works with "mornin ’plus", you can automatically open the curtain and switch on the view on Atmoph Window 2 in the morning. You can also use the motion sensor to perform batch operations with home appliances, such as "switch ON when entering the room."

■GPS linked control

GPS automation can be used to manage the operation of appliances, which takes some time when going out. Just go outside and turns off automatically.

and many more ways! 

Note: You will need the Atmoph Remote to link with Nature Remo 3.