New Product Launch, Atmoph Window Yo with Atmoph Scope the telescopic controller

望遠鏡型コントローラー登場!窓の常識を超えたスマートウィンドウ「Atmoph Window Yo」が先行予約開始

The next-era window, Atmoph Window Yo, is here with the world's first telescopic controller, the Atmoph Scope. When used as a controller, the newly introduced Atmoph Scope allows you to focus and zoom in on people and plants visible through the Atmoph Window Yo. This new feature transforms the experience from merely viewing views to truly 'connecting' with them.

Atmoph Window Yo retains convenient features from previous models, such as Google Calendar sync and an Alarm. Additionally, it introduces evolved Option Modules, like the Sunlight Bar that replicates the sun's rays, and the Wood Speaker Box that amplifies the ambiance of view sounds.

As a special pre-order bonus, customers can purchase a set of the Atmoph Window Yo and Atmoph Scope at a regular price – an offer exclusive to the pre-order period.

Innovative Design Blending Window-Like Authenticity with a Futuristic Feel

The product design was led by Jake Lee from the South Korean design team 'acasso.' Known for handling a wide range of products from tableware and interiors to gadgets, Jake Lee is renowned for his advanced design approach.

The window frame of Atmoph Window Yo features a design that is both simple and softly detailed. While maximizing the essence of a window, its futuristic form fits perfectly in any space, from entryways and living rooms to home offices. By adding the stand-type charger, the Charging Sill, you can place figurines or small items, creating a personalized space that also serves as interior decor.

Enhanced CPU/GPU Power, Expanding the Connected World

By quadrupling the CPU and increasing the GPU by an impressive fifteen times compared to the original model, you can now experience the passage of time in CGI worlds as if it were the real world. While the original Atmoph CG already featured futuristic cities and views with dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period, we will continue to evolve these experiences at an even faster pace.

Commitment to the Environment

In developing Atmoph Window Yo, we are also committed to more sustainable production practices. For cushioning materials, we use recyclable resources. Furthermore, we collaborate with companies that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC), ensuring that the materials we source come from responsibly managed forests.

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