“Dagobah” has added to the third Views of Atmoph Window 2 | Star Wars

Atmoph Window 2 | Star Wars、待望の第三弾「ダゴバ」の風景を追加

We’re excited to tell you that the scene from “Dagobah” has just added as a third exclusive View of Atmoph Window 2 | Star Wars. Dagobah, the planet where Yoda lived for the last years of his life before dying of old age, is a swampy, Force-filled planet where the young Jedi Luke Skywalker visited to learn from Yoda.

Along with “Jedha from Star Destroyer”, “Tatooine”, views from original Star Wars trilogy series are all set. As we’re planning to add our next view that will all fans of “Star Wars” should like it too, look forward to it.