Look out your Window, onto the world of Disney!

ディズニー実写映画の世界を、お部屋から。Atmoph Window 2 | Disneyがついに登場!

Today, we're really thrilled to tell you this amazing news.

It has taken four years to take this idea and turn it into a reality. Now, Atmoph Window 2 / Disney is here!

There was one View we always wanted to see. One that inspires and moves people from around the globe through the power of fantasy, magic, and imagination. The world of Disney.

Every scene, from each story, so enchanting, so beautiful. We wondered, could it ever be possible to open your Window onto this dream world, as if you too were a character inside it?

Atmoph Window 2 / Disney includes in the purchase price three of Atmoph’s original Views, and three Views of scenes from Disney movies: "Aladdin," "Maleficent" and "Lion King." You will also be able to choose from more and more Views over time, as you are magically taken in surround sound and stunning true-to-life scenes to other worlds.

Open up the window of your new adventure! 

Atmoph Window 2 | Disney, checkout more details here.