Atmoph Window 2 | DEATH STRANDING is started dispatching on Jan. 24th, 2022 with a limited edition package

Atmoph Window 2 | DEATH STRANDING、1月24日より特別デザインパッケージで発送開始

We’re so thrilled to announce that Atmoph has confirmed that the product will start shipping from Jan 24th, 2022 with a limited edition package!

This special package is designed based on the image of Porter’s cargo in the game. From the very moment “Atmoph Window 2 | DEATH STRANDING” is delivered, the world of “DEATH STRANDING” will begin. The date of arrival may subject to change depending the shipping area. As your Edition Pass will be delivered separately, it might take some time to arrive.

Once it's arrived, post your Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #AtmophPorter to show off your products! We’d love to share the same time with our users from all over the world through Atmoph Window 2.

Furthermore, users could see a total of 6 different views from the world of “DEATH STRANDING” by purchasing “Edition Pass | DEATH STRANDING”. It originally was announced that includes 5 different Views, yet now users could get 1 extra view that was selected from KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS. With this special pass, any user of Atmoph Window 2 can add the “DEATH STRANDING” Views to their Windows.

Look forward to it!