Updating the Shipping schedule of Atmoph Window 2 | DEATH STRANDING

Atmoph Window 2 | DEATH STRANDING、出荷スケジュールのお知らせ

This news is for customers who have pre-ordered the following products from Atmoph Store.  

  • Atmoph Window 2 | DEATH STRANDING
  • Atmoph Window 2 | DEATH STRANDING (3 screen set)
  • Atmoph Frame | DEATH STRANDING
  • Edition Pass | DEATH STRANDING (Package version) 

Thank you for pre-ordering the products! We know it’s last minutes notice, but we’ve decided to shift our shipping date to late January 2022 of whatever becomes available from mid December 2021. Edition Pass for Download has also been changed its release date to late February from mid January, 2022 accompanied by this schedule update. We apologize for keeping you waiting a little bit longer.

To show our gratitude for giving us extra time, we have a bonus for you. With Edition Pass, you originally could see 5 different Views from the world of “DEATH STRANDING.” Now, you could get 1 extra view that is selected from KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS!

For the details of 3rd views and more, check it out here!

We again highly appreciate your patience and support always. As it’s our utmost priory to ship and deliver the highest flawless products, look forward to it!