Notification of the Production Status

Thank you kindly for ordering Atmoph Window 2. The Atmoph team here.

Some people have been waiting for over nine months from last year for their Atmoph Window 2. We would like to thank you from the bottom of your heart for your enduring patience. Up until now, we have been undertaking final adjustments with the factory in China, finally, we have confirmation of the procurement of parts and a production schedule!

Notification of the Production Status

In our previous update, we informed you that due to the impacts of COVID-19, the supply chain was still facing blockages and as a result, we were unsure when particular parts could be procured. Now, we have been able to procure enough necessary parts to produce up to 600 pieces! From next week we will be initiating full-scale production and dispatch. These 600 pieces will be delivered to our crowdfunding supporters. Following this, we expect to initiate production and dispatch from the beginning of June to our customers who ordered. The Atmoph team is giving full priority to ensuring dispatch can be initiated from the beginning of next month, including arranging production orders, packaging, production of dispatch labels etc.. We most appreciate your patience for just this little bit longer!

Regarding Delays of Some Features

We are still currently developing several of the features that we initially introduced, including the Panorama and Upload features, and Camera Module capability. We most sincerely apologize that you will not yet be able to enjoy these features as soon as the product arrives. We plan though to release these features hopefully within a three to four week-span, together with operation improvements and any troubleshooting. We are a small team, which means the development of features inevitably takes a while, but as a team we are working every day towards adding them as quickly as possible in a way that ensures maximum enjoyment for our users.

Schedule for Feature Capability

  • Panorama Feature * this is top priority
  • The ability to purchase Views individually (currently only monthly plan is available)
  • Camera (Indoor/ face-tracking)
  • Live Streaming
  • IFTTT/Alexa
  • Upload
  • Google Calendar

Product Roadmap: 

We would like to express our utmost gratitude for your patience during this time. The production schedule is up and we are prioritizing dispatch, so we are happy to say the product will be on its way very soon!

The Atmoph Team