We held an Atmoph Fan Meetup!

Atmoph Fan Meetupを開催しました!

On June 21st, we held our first Atmoph Fan Meetup in Japan! For the update today, we would like to tell you a little about it.



Firstly, CEO Kyohi Kang gave us the inside story on how Atmoph Window all began. The idea was first born out of his experience as an exchange student in Los Angeles, feeling cramped and uncomfortable in his small one-room apartment. In fact, it may come as a surprise that in its first stages, the window was initially conceived as hanging horizontally.



From humble beginnings, the Atmoph Window was fully developed into a commercial product. Since then, it has constantly evolved, and now we are finally able to announce the arrival of “Atmoph Window 2”.


At our first Fan Meetup, we displayed the Atmoph 2 prototype for the first time in front of the audience. We were pleased to hear that one customer, after seeing with their own eyes the beautiful smoothness of our custom-made Karimoku frame, decided they wanted to change their order to include it.


Next, we were able to hear some inside stories from photographer Kei Ohnaka. These were filled with the extraordinary levels of pain and passion that go into the creation of each 15-minute video from start to finish, that can then be enjoyed as a View from your Atmoph Window. Those listening could only be astounded when hearing about how our photographers climbed many kilometers up Mt. Fuji dragging video equipment and tripods.



Then our Co-Founder and Engineer Kyohei Nakano gave us a demonstration on the Live Streaming and Upload features of Atmoph 2. We live streamed with the Atmoph Kyoto office. Tokyo was cloudy that day, in Kyoto it was raining. People were impressed by the true sense of being in realtime demonstrated through the live streaming. It is coming soon to your home, and it’s going to be amazing!



Lastly, CEO Kang spoke about the “Future with Atmoph”. Actually, this was done almost completely ad-lib, as he figured this is the best way to really communicate with his audience, rather than with a rehearsed slideshow. There were even points at the end where he became so emotional that he was lost for words.  


It was only a short two hours, but how meaningful for Atmoph was it to be able to meet with the supporters and fans of Atmoph Window.