Views from Oahu, Hawaii has been added! Starting with this, we expect to increase our overseas views by more than 50 this year!


Today, we've released six new views from Oahu, Hawaii, for the first time in almost two years! Atmoph is announcing a new restart of its overseas shoots, which had been reduced in number due to the movement restriction of the Corona virus, and a full-fledged expansion of its overseas views content with the cooperation of videographers affiliated in various countries.

Views of world heritage sites and famous sightseeing spots such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Uyuni, and Machu Picchu are very popular among our users, and we have received many requests to add new overseas scenery. Hawaii, the first overseas in nearly two years, was one of the most requested views by users.

Highlights of Hawaii Views

In response to users' requests for a "famous landmarks of Hawaiian," the newly released views of Oahu, Hawaii, is a luxurious ocean view with a view of both Diamond Head State Monument, one of the most famous landmarks of Oahu, Hawaii, and the pure white sandy beach of Waikiki Beach. You can experience the elegance of an all-day view of Oahu from the comfort of your own home, as if you were on the club floor of a resort hotel.

In addition, you can also enjoy six videos from the comfort of your own home, including views of Kalakaua Avenue, the main street that is coming back to life, and the fireworks display in the Hawaiian night sky.

About Atmoph Views

All of the views are Atmoph original, 6K shots of special views that can only be seen through the Atmoph Window. The composition, position of the horizon, and angle of view of every views we shoot are carefully chosen to resemble those seen through a real window, so that when you see a view from Atmoph Window, you will experience the feeling that your room is connected to the world beyond.

Overseas Lineup Views in the Future

Atmoph expects to increase its international views lineup by more than 50 this year, with plans to shoot in Cairns, Sydney in Australia, and Austria as well as Dubai, a city that has evolved significantly since it was first shot in 2017.