New Views! Beautiful Morning Sunrise in Hawaii, Sandy Beach has been Added

New Views! ハワイの幻想的な朝焼け、サンディー・ビーチを追加

Sandy Beach is a beautiful white sand beach that stretches between the rocky shorelines of the volcanic region in eastern Oahu. Known for its strong winds and high waves, it is a paradise for bodyboarding and bodysurfing. It will be nice to relax, sunbathe, and barbecue on the sand while enjoying the exhilarating view of the wide azure ocean and the Koko Crater rising behind you.It is a great beach to take a break on the drive to Hanauma Bay, and other nearby attractions, or to visit the city of Kailua further north. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise that illuminates the ocean, which can only be seen by visiting on an early morning drive.

New View

  • City of Honolulu 1 (Oahu, Hawaii)
  • Dawn at Iwamoto Mountain Park 2 (Shizuoka)
  • River Wien 1 (Vienna)
  • Misty Tiers 1 (Trentino-Alto Adige)
  • Sandy Beach at Morning 1 (Oahu, Hawaii)
  • Kaminoyama Castle in Spring 2 (Yamagata)