Finally, Live Streaming feature is live on!!!


It has arrived! Today we are super excited to announce the Live Streaming function is online. We so appreciate your patience and support throughout this time!

Atmoph’s first Live Streaming spot features a full view of Tokyo Tower in flaming red as seen from Towershita restaurant, Higashi-Azubu, Tokyo. You can now enjoy the stream of passersby and the changing colors of the tower through the day, right from your own room.

Our second live spot is from Nota Inc. which is well known for the sharing service such as Gyazo and Scrapbox from Kyoto. Next week, you could see the festival of “Gozan no Okuribi” form your window.

Nota Inc. 

The View from Live Streaming is, at every moment, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Please, feel free to glimpse what is on the other side of your window, to see what is happening right now from afar. We are planning to increase our Live Streaming sites to countries around the world. It is going to be amazing. If you have a special place, a special scenery you would like to see, we would love to hear your requests.

Operation Method:

• Please initially update your Window to the latest version. The Live Streaming function is operable on ver.5.0.8 and above. (Atmoph Window is updated automatically every hour. When you restart your Window the update will be initiated).
• Then please choose Menu > Live

For more details, please refer to here: 

Towershita restaurant, the site of the Live Streaming, also features three Atmoph Windows at their venue. You can see the example of Atmoph Window’s installed at Towershita right here: 

Development of the uploading feature is also progressing well. We plan on releasing it very soon! Another Atmoph feature to delight you is just around the corner…so please stand by.

And please have a great summer!