Donation Report: 56,922 yen was collected for an environmental conservation organization


Thank you to everyone who participated in the charity project that started in November 2022! We are pleased to announce that we have donated the 56,922 yen collected to WWF Japan. 12 Views of Australia including Uluru with its magnificent history and the World Heritage Site Sydney Opera House were released in two separate weeks. Atmoph will continue its efforts to contribute to environmental conservation, as a way of giving back to the earth for its beautiful Views.

Donation Overview

  • Total amount: 56,922 yen.
    (606 AUD for 606 users who added Views of Australia to their favorites on Atmoph Window 2, converted to yen at 1 AUD = 93.93 yen as of December 7, 2022.)
  • Donated for : WWF Japan (World Wide Fund for Nature)
  • Charity project period: Tuesday, November 1, 2022, - Wednesday, November 30, 2022