Bringing Your Home into the Metaverse - The Future City of 2060, Shin Kyoto, brought to you by Atmoph Studios on Unreal Engine 5

「家ごとメタバース」に布石。2060年の未来都市「新京都」をAtmoph StudiosがUnreal Engine 5で制作

Following up on the World of Dinosaurs, Atmoph Studios is now releasing the second entry in their line of original CG content with Shin Kyoto. Shin Kyoto is a world created by Atmoph, set in Kyoto in the year 2060.

Moving Towards a Hands-On CG World

Harnessing the Latest Technology from Unreal Engine 5*

Atmoph’s latest CG production will be the first to utilize Unreal Engine 5. With its impressive realistic lighting, the sunlight and shadows cast on the street appear smooth and natural.

Taking a Look at Real-Time

StreamingAtmoph is now developing real-time streaming, with seamless 24 hour streams that show the transition from morning to noon and night, as well as the weather - changing between sun, clouds, rain, snow, fog, and even more.

*Unreal Engine is a trademark and registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and other countries.

About Shin Kyoto

In the year 2060, space travel has become the norm. Shin Kyoto was established on Kyoto's northern coast. Cars, people and robots fly through the air using Gravitor technology. Shin Kyoto has gained prominence as part of the Visa Free Cities (VFC), allowing visa-free travel among VFCs and the cities on the Moon. The city has all the latest and greatest in shops and restaurants - the current craze among the populace is MUNE, a coffee shop that roasts their own beans.

Enjoy seeing a futuristic city right outside your window and experience the metaverse as a part of their own home without needing a VR device!