Atmoph Window Yo + Scope
Atmoph Window Yo + Scope

Plug Type: JP

Atmoph Window Yo + Scope
Atmoph Window Yo + Scope
Atmoph Window Yo + Scope
Atmoph Window Yo + Scope

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What do I need to use the Window?

Wi-Fi and power supply are required. Basic functions are supported by Atmoph Scope and the buttons, but a smartphone is required for text input and uploading Views.

How can I hang it on the wall?

It can be easily hung on the wall with small hooks. Please refer to the instructions below. (This page is for Atmoph Window 2, but the installation procedure is the same.) How to hang

How can I see the Views?

Three Views are pre-installed, and you can either subscribe to the Limitless Plan or purchase each View at a time to enjoy others. 1,700 original Views from 50 countries, with new Views added bi-weekly. For more information on the current lineup, please visit our View site. Views

Up to how many Windows can it be combined?

Use with 1 Window, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 1x5, 2x2 and up to 5 Windows in combination. Views supported differs depending on the combination.

Tell me about the power source

One power supply is required per Atmoph Window Yo (a standard wall plug will do). The cable is a white fabric cable that blends in with the interior. The power consumption is as follows Atmoph Window Yo: 30W Sunlight Bar: 10W Charging Sill: 10W Wood Speaker Box: 7.5W

Where can I see the actual product?

You will be able to see the actual product (Atmoph Window 2) from this link. Display list